This kit has everything right down to the vinyl letter transfer "smoke oil only"
(red or black lettering) and detailed installation instructions
Scroll down for measurements

Call with question and to order: 661-713-9050

Note: This external fill kit requires a factory installed polyethylene 1 ½” nfpt “spin weld” fitting to
be installed onto your polyethylene smoke oil tank.  If your tank does not have this fitting installed,
return the smoke oil tank to smoking airplanes llc for installation. The fitting can only be installed if the tank has not ever been filled with oil. If the external fill kit is something that you may want to add at a future date request that the external fill fitting be installed at the time of you system order. There is no extra charge to add this fitting at the time of manufacture.

Make no attempt to install this external fill kit otherwise.

Use of an aluminum 1 ½” nfpt female threaded fitting welded to an aluminum smoke oil tank is approved.

The cap is attached to the fill fitting by a chain and has a retracting lever for screwing it on and off

View of fill fitting mounted on fuselage (surface and flush mount)

The smoke systems shown are the SA-101

These measurements are minimums

A straight and 90 degree oil tank fitting (yellow) is provided so you can custom fit the fill fitting

Side view of fill fitting with measurements

External fill kit installed on a sa-101 (modified) behind the left seat (in the baggage area)
in a rv super 6 (rocket 6)