Complete Installations

A Complete Installation In A Van's Rv8 (Rear Baggage Area)

(pictures and information supplied by joe shetterly)

SA-201 installed in rear baggage area of a van's Rv8

Black pressure hose and smoke oil pump wire harness routed through right side
bulkheads using supplied rubber grommets and cable ties

T-bulkhead fitting on firewall, stainless steel braided hoses routed to injectors
installed into exhaust pipe

Supplied relay / breakers bracket and switch bracket installed under panel

Customer chose to use his own rocker toggle switch (round switch on top left of grip)
instead of the supplied momentary button switch

Vent hose routed through rear baggage area bulkhead to supplied aluminum fuselage
fitting (not pictured)

A Complete Installation in a Stearman

SA-201  (with External Fill Kit)

Front seat view

Right side view

External fill fitting bracket mounted behind access door

U bolts were used to secure the sub floor to the structural tubing

Injector installed on exhaust collector ring through heat shield

Switch / led label circled in yellow (a mounting bracket is provided if you don't have room
in your panel) Circuit breaker / relay bracket circle in blue