Below are photo examples of smoke system installation on a variety of planes.

Due to unforeseen differences in each aircraft, the kits shown may not fit your aircraft, even if it's the same make and model. Contact us to ensure proper fit before ordering.


Pitts S1S with SA-101

Owner: Adve Aslesen
Installation by: Jeff at
Photos by: T.C. "Ted" Chang
System installed between rudder pedals


T34A with SA-101

Submitted by: Eric Evans
Includes remote switch kit, 2nd injector kit, 24-volt DC to 12-volt DC converter


Nanchang CI6A with SA-101

Submitted by: Kert Howerton
Includes single injector kit

View of external fill fitting installed on fuselage of a Nanchang CI6A View of external fill kit installed on old ADF rack in Nanchang CI6A


RV8 with SA-201

Submitted by: Keith Vasey

5.5 gallon system installed in front baggage area
RV8 injector installation on the tailpipe after the heater muff
RV8 t-bulkhead fitting installation for a double injector system
Front baggage well
Mounted 3-way switch on panel


RV7 with SA-101

Submitted by: Don Hall
Installed behind right seat in the baggage area


Glasair 1 RG with SA-101

Submitted by: Marco Guscio at
Installed on rear baggage floor using ratchet strap with eye bolts instead of supplied brackets. (a minimum of two ratchet straps are recommended)


Pitts S1S with SA-101

Submitted by: Thomas Rybarczyk
Includes 2nd injector kit and remote switch kit

Oil pump bracket mounted on the front of the oil tank Injector installation from the "T" bulkhead fitting
Just fits under the fuel tank View from pilot seat


Pitts S1T with SA-101

Includes oil mixture valve accessible to pilot

View from firewall to rear of airplane (the oil pump can be mounted vertically on the bracket as well)

Other Installation Photos

Super Decathlon SA-101 SA-101 configured for the rear baggage area in a F1 rocket