Smoke System 3.5 US Gallon

  • Suitable for all aircraft
  • Turbine and Jet ordering information
  • Engineered for continuous inverted flight
  • Rated for 18g
  • 12 or 24 volt DC available
  • Smoke oil level is visible (tank is transparent)
  • Tank not subject to denting
  • Tank is monolithic (no seams)
  • Oil tank capacity: 3.5 US gallons
  • Approximate gallons of oil used per minute: 0.8
  • Approximate total run time: 5 minutes
  • Top or side mounted oil pump available 
  • All hardware included for complete installation
  • Complete visual step by step instruction manual included
  • Typical installation time = 1 day (no welding necessary)
  • Numerous customers have successfully earned FAA certification


  • Tank - horizontal: 11" x 11" x 10" 
  • Tank - vertical: 11" x 8.5" x 13"  
  • Add pump dimensions: 4" 
  • Mounting bracket: 1.5" length  x .125 " thickness

Note: Tank dimensions do not include pump dimensions (because pump can be installed on tank side of your choice). Dimension above are represented as (L•W•H). 


  • Oil tank empty: 12.5 lbs
  • Oil tank full: 40.5 lbs 
  • Oil pump: 5 lbs 
  • Components: 3 lbs 
  • Smoke oil: 28 lbs 
  • Total weight (incl smoke oil): 43.5 lbs 

Note: The weights shown are based on the SA-101 single injector, smoke system kit; including mounting hardware, oil pump w/bracket, flop tube, vent system, oil mixture valve, etc. Weights may vary with addition or subtraction of components. 


  • A-SA-RBB: Relay Bracket (Connects aircraft BUS to smoke system)

  • A-SA-LED (affixes to 3WSB, shows when system is armed)

  • A-SA-3WS: Three Way Switch Harness
  • A-SA-3WSB 3 way switch bracket, faceplate for system
  • A-SA-RMS Remote momentary switch harness
  • A-SA-GROMM Grommet bag
  • A-SA-CHV Check Valve
  • A-SA-CHV-PB Check Valve Parts Bag (Routing check valve 90 degrees if necessary)
  • A-SA-INJP: Piston injector
  • SSBH: Stainless steel braided hose
  • Bulkhead fitting
  • Mounting hardware (Connects smoke system to mounting location)