install a smoke system on Aero Vodochody L29 Delfin

Pilot Spotlight: Mike Bourget, Installing a Smoke System on an L29

What would it be like to step back in time as you climb inside a cockpit? 

That's what Mike Bourget and ACM Warbirds offer to experienced pilots and non-pilots alike—a chance to go back in time to the 1960s and 1970s and experience the flight of a lifetime.

Mike and ACM Warbirds are the operators of two restored Aero Vodochody L29 Delfins, Cold War era fighter planes. They work to keep them in perfect flying condition and offer experiential flights that provide a thrill for their passengers. 

We took a few moments to catch up with Mike and talk about his experience flying and how it all started! 

smoke system on Aero Vodochody L29 Delfin

Q: Why did you learn to fly? How did you start?

A: I started flying in Ottawa, Ontario. I got started by flying gliders. 

Q: How long have you been flying?

A: I've been flying since 1997. 

Q: What type of plane do you fly? 

A: I fly an Aero Vodochody L29 Delfin.

Q: What would you say to someone who wants to learn to fly or to a young pilot?

A: Follow your dreams.

Q: What do you love about flying?

A: I love the absolute freedom.

Q: What are your favorite flying or airshow memories?

A: One of my favorite airshow memories was our recent Gatineau airshow performance. It was a picture perfect formation takeoff!

Q: Why do you love having a smoke system on your plane?

A: I had a smoke system on my Nanchang (check out this installation on another Nanchang) and I loved it. I'm currently working on installing one on my L29. 


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