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Francesco Dante flying his RV-8 aircraft

Pilot Spotlight: Francesco Dante, CrewRV8 Wingman

What are the three fundamental elements of an airshow? CrewRV8 wingman, Francesco Dante, shares his thoughts. Learn how he got started and why he loves to fly! (Did you miss the spotlight on CrewRV8 leader, Luca Perazzolli? Find it here) Q: Why did you learn to...

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Pilot Spotlight: Luca Perazzolli, CrewRV8 Leader

Pilot Spotlight: Luca Perazzolli, CrewRV8 Leader

This Italian aerobatic flight team constantly amazes us with their smooth maneuvers and dedication to their craft! First up, Luca Perazzolli, the leader of CrewRV8. Learn what he loves most about flying and how it all started!  Stay tuned for a spotlight...

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