Pilot Spotlight: Chris Gregory

Pilot Spotlight: Chris Gregory

Our favorite part of what we do is the pilots, mechanics and aircraft enthusiasts we get to interact with. Learn more about one of those pilots. They all have unique experiences and stories to share about what they’ve accomplished and why they love flying.

Our first pilot spotlight is Chris Gregory. Learn more about his history and why flying inspires him. Plus, check out this amazing video of his flight.

Q: Why did you learn to fly?

A: Growing up, my whole life I was always interested in anything aviation.

Q: How long have you been flying?

A: Almost 30 years. I got my private pilot’s license in 1989.

Q: What type of plane do you fly?

A: I fly a Boeing Stearman for fun and an Airbus A320 for work

Q: What's your favorite thing about flying?

A: The view.

Q: What would you say to someone who wants to learn to fly?

A: Go for it! Read all the books that you can find and ask all the questions that you can think of.

Q: What are your favorite flying or airshow memories?

A: Flying with my father to an airshow in the Stearman.

Q: Why do you love having a smoke system on your plane?

A: This is a fantastic system to make sure that you’re seen. I fly a lot over the congested beaches in South Florida and it helps for traffic to see you. Plus it’s cool to draw big happy faces over my neighborhood.

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