Smoke Oil 5

  • 5 gallons
  • Non-toxic
  • Premium Blend C-13
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mineral oil with a paraffin base
  • Proprietary premium smoke oil
  • Produces a brilliant white smoke trail 


WARNING Do not use flammable substances such as gasoline of any type, kerosene, diesel, jet-a, alcohol or any other fluid not listed on this page. use of highly flammable fluid could cause an explosion Or fire resulting in serious injury or death. Inhalation of smoke from any smoke oils can be detrimental to your health and to the health of bystanders. Discontinue use of your smoke system if you notice smoke in the cockpit or activation of a carbon monoxide detector. Maintain a safe distance from persons on the surface during exhibition flight. Using transmission / hydraulic fluid, baking / vegetable oil or any other oil not listed on this page can and probably will result in failure of your smoke system due to blockage or seal failure. ! WARNING ! DO NOT USE OILS THAT ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH BUNA-N RUBBER If the cost of purchasing smoking airplanes smoke oil is prohibitive due to your location, click the link below, print the page, take it to your local oil distributor and see if they can match it.  urchase in 5 gallon pails until you find a smoke oil that works well for you…then purchase in 55 gallon drums (usually less expensive) Material Safety Data Sheet >>>